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& welcome
Welcome to Final Fantasy Jeopardy! This community is a LIMS-styled adaption of the famous gameshow Jeopardy. This show is very popular among every age group and you can really learn a lot watching the episodes. I was inspired making this community by the twentieth challenge over at bssm_battle, where psychopant used the Jeopardy style for a challenge.

& what the ...
If you don't know what Jeopardy is, look here. I'm changing the procedure a little bit. Each participant will sign up for the session with a chosen alias. As the session moves on you will earn gil based on your success in the weekly challenges. In each challenge I will provide you with one hint. You need to icon the answer to that hint. If your icon is right, you will earn 100-500 GIL (the amount of money will raise with the challenges). In the submission ost, I will also provide you with one restricition that you'll have to fulfill in your icon.

An example:
I give you the hint "An ally from the opposing camp.". The correct answer would be Larsa. The task that I gave you is to write three consecutive words from a provided lyric an your icon. So you need to make a icon, featuring Larsa and using three words from a lyric.

During the votingphase everyone will vote for the favorite three icons based on style, technique, outcome and creativity. If you place First, Second, Third, Mod's Choice or a Special Category you will earn another 300-100 GIL (depends on your placement).

The person who collects the most money at the end of the game is the winner of this session.
& rules
o1.) You must join the community and be a member to participate and you must sign up for a session to participate.
o2.) You may enter up to 1 icons per theme.
o3.) The icons have to fit the LJ standars (40KB, 100x100 and .jpg/.png/.gif).
o4.) Your icon must feature the Final Fantasy Series.
o5.) Using Fanarts is allowed, but you must credit when you submit. Animations however are not allowed.
o6.) No one else should know which icon you made, so you aren't allowed to post them until the winner has been anounced.
o7.) Don't steal any icon and claim them as yours.
o8.) Every icon has to be made fresh for each challenge.
o9.) The icon must stick to the weekly theme.
1o.) You are allowed to use pictures from every Final Fantasy Game (From I to XIII, AC, DoC, CC, TA, etc.).

& timeline
A new theme will be announced on Saturday and you'll have one week to submit. All submissions will be screened. Deadline will be Saturday at 08:00 PM UTC+1h (check the World clock and refer for either Berlin or Belgrade).
Voting will last until Monday at 8:00 PM UTC+1h and then the winners will be announced.

Please submit in this format:

Series: Final Fantasy XII
Character: Vaan

When it's time for the voting, you will vote for you favorite three icons.

Votes will be counted as follows:
First vote: 3 points
Second vote: 2 points
Third vote: 1 point

& affiliates
If you would like to become an affiliate with the community, you just have to reply here.

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