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session 01; challenge 05; voting

Well.. only four icons. Somehow I need to increse your activity, but I don't know how to do this. We actually have thirteen active participants out of the 18 we started with. Are the questions too difficult or the restrictions too hard? I'm ready to change some parts, I even gave some hints if I really thought about one hint being to hard to guess. Or is your RL just keeping you from Adobe/PSP/whatever program you use?

Whatever.. Rikku (kotono) and Zack (nakimas) have been expelled, since they didn't manage to submit a single icon nor to choose a subject.

Rules of voting:
- You are voting for your TWO favorites. You are encouraged to give reasons for your choices, but you don't need to.
- You are NOT allowed to vote for your OWN icon.
- ANYONE may vote, you don't have to be a participant to vote. The more voters we get, the clearer will be the results.
- Voting ends Monday, February 02nd.

1 2 3 4

#00: Character (Game)
#01: Cecil & Rosa (IV)
#02: Tifa (VII: AC)
#03: Cecil & Rosa (IV)
#04: Cecil (IV)
Tags: challenge 05, session 01, voting
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I know, I know.. it's just that my RL fully occupied me, I have to learn learn and learn for my exams and some things slipped trough my mind. :/