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session 01; challenge 04; voting

Here is the voting. I'm sorry for being such an inconsequent mod. It's not that easy to arrange personal and school life x_x.

Sadly another participant had to withdraw. Tifa (trickle) need to focus on school and RL. Hope to see you around in the second session!

Plus I decided to make every exactly 10 challenge in every session. The one who gained the most GIL will win the session. With the submission post for the fifth challenge I'll post a list of the earned GIL.

Rules of voting:
- You are voting for your THREE favorites. You are encouraged to give reasons for your choices, but you don't need to.
- You are NOT allowed to vote for your OWN icon.
- ANYONE may vote, you don't have to be a participant to vote. The more voters we get, the clearer will be the results.
- Voting ends Saturday, January 24th.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7

#00: Character (Game)
#01: Chocobo (Chrystal Chronicles)
#02: Sephiroth & Genesis (VII: CC)
#03: Sephiroth & Genesis (VII: CC)
#04: Rinoa (VII)
#05: Fran (XII)
#06: Yuna (X-2)
#07: Fran (XII)

Voting is open until Sunday, January 25th to finally get back to the schedule.
Tags: challenge 04, session 01, voting
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