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chaira keliyah de malan

session 01; challenge 04

I already sent all the hints, except for Basch and Ashe, who haven't enabled their message option. Same procedure as in the second challenge, they need to comment here.

- After you received the hint, comment with the question ("Who/What/Where/etc. is ...?") (I will only accept phrases that stick to this scheme)
- You will get the obligations for your icon when your question is right

o1.) You must join the community and be a member to participate and you must sign up for a session to participate.
o2.) You may enter up to 1 icons per theme.
o3.) The icons have to fit the LJ standars (40KB, 100x100 and .jpg/.png/.gif).
o4.) Your icon must feature the Final Fantasy Series.
o5.) Don't steal any icon and claim them as yours.
o6.) Every icon has to be made fresh for each challenge.
o7.) You are allowed to use pictures from every Final Fantasy Game (From I to XIII, AC, DoC, CC, TA, etc.).

Submit by commenting to this post. All comments are screened.
Series: Final Fantasy XII
Character: Vaan
Identity: (your identity)

Your icons are due to Saturday, December 27th at 11.59PM GMT+1h.
Tags: challenge 04, session 01, submission
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