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If you want to affiliate with ff_jeopardy, just leave a comment here. I will answer you as soon as possible and add you to the list.

Anime/Manga related
animealphabet; icon-related community, where you create one icon to each letter

Final Fantasy related
adventawards; weekly icontest dedicated to the movie Advent Children
aeris_awards; weekly icontest dedicated to Aeris Gainsborough of Final Fantasy 7
basch_awards; weekly icontest dedicated to Basch fon Ronsenburg of Final Fantasy 12
ffcombat; tournament-style icontest with eliminations
ff_awards; weekly icontest dedicated to all games from the Final Fantasy series
ff_eye_candy; weekly icontest dedicated to all games from the Final Fantasy series
ff_lims a LIMS dedicated to all Final Fantasy series
ff_oscars; an award community, where you can nominate your favorite Final Fantasy icons/iconmaker
ff_party; completely new style of icontest inspired by the game Mario Party, just with Final Fantasy / Kingdom Hearts
ffxii_lims; a LIMS dedicated to Final Fantasy 12
final_whisper; weekly icontest dedicated to all Final Fantasy games
tifa_awards; weekly icontest dedicated to Tifa Lockheart of Final Fantasy 7
xiii_versus; a community where to post stuff from Final Fantasy XIII: Versus

Music related:
rockawards; weekly icontest dedicated to rock music from all over the world
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