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Session 2; Sign-up

Well, I'm sorry for the long break and for the long hiatus that reigned over ff_jeopardy. My computer system somehow crashed some time ago and I nearly lost every data on ff_jeopardy, that I created on my computer. Thats why we have to start anew with the second session. This time there will be a few changes.

- This community/this contest is going to be something like a LIMS-contest. It's still about gaining GIL for every question and for a placement in the weekly voting. Now here is the change: not negative votes decided on who is going to be eliminated, but the amount of GIL earned during the session. The first three challenges will be elimination-free, since you will start with zero GIL and I can't eliminate 5 or more people, just because they didn't placed.
- After the fifth challenge will be a special week. In this challenge only the five one with the fewest GIL will have a change to gain 700 GIL with answering one question, just to jumble the ranking and give other participants still the chance to win.
- The maximum of one session will be 10 regular challenges. After 10 challenges we should have someone with the highest amount of GIL.
- With the submission post I will post ONE hint and you all have to icon the answer. You don't need to put that Jeopardy-phrase on it (like "Who is ...?"), you're absolutely free with anything expect for one thing: with the submission post I will also post one restriction that you have to fulfill on your icon. Here's an example: The hint is "An ally from the opposing camp.", the answer to this hint would be Larsa + I gave you the task to use three consecutive words from a provided lyric. You need to icon Larsa now, fulfilling the task. Quite simple. Questions? -> Ask.
- I'm going to keep the different identities, just to keep some tension.
- There won't be anything like skips. You don't have to take part in every challenge, it's your own choice. If you're sure that you can rest for one challenge, because you have earned enough GIL for now, just do so. I just hope to have a regular participation in the challenges.

I hope this was everything. If I forgot something, I'm going to add it later.

Sign Ups for the Second Session!
When you want to participate in the second session of ff_jeopardy, give me two aliases from any FF game you want. Please write their full name and in which game they appear.

You can use this form to sign up:

01. Gabranth
02. Quina
03. Lulu
04. Terra
05. Krile
06. Laguna


Sign ups will be open until I post the voting of the first challenge. Keep promoting the community, so that the first challenge can start as soon as possible. If there are any question or I forgot to make anything clear, comment. The first challenge will start, when we have at least 15 participants or on Sunday, June 7th.

ffantasy_awards; nominate your favorite Final Fantasy icons in more than 10 different categories.
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